ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 10th October 2021


Nehemiah ends up his revival with the challenges of marrying the hidden women within the Jewish neighbourhood. One of the major challenges is in verse 24 where half of the Jewish children whose mothers came from the community of Ashdod could not speak the language of Judah but only that of their mothers. Nehemiah did not only confront that but went further to pronounce a curse on some of the Jews (vs. 25). This climaxed with the son of a priest became a son in-law to Sanballat, one of the enemies of the Jews who frustrated re-building the walls of Jerusalem (vs. 28). Although the world is now a global village where tribe is not much of a factor in marriage, young people from Christian backgrounds need to be very careful in choosing life partners. This is to guard against their children losing their godly heritage with the passage of time.

QUESTION What counsel do you give your young ones on matters of choosing partners? PRAYERS Dear Lord, help the younger generation to be careful in choosing their life partners for the sake of maintaining a godly heritage, in Jesus name, Amen.

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