ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 11th October, 2020


TEXT: EPHESIANS 4: 17 - 24

We have been cautioned not to live and walk the way unbelievers do. In unbelievers' lives, waywardness is practised, even with pride. While wayward people see what they do as an achievement, verse 18 sees them as people who do not think right and are therefore isolated from the godly principles of living due to ignorance or stubbornness. The Gentiles are considered as people who do not have feelings of spiritual matters in them. Such people even practice impurity with greed (verse 19). Paul states that the Ephesians did not learn about Christ in that way. Their lives in Christ began from hearing through teaching the way of truth in Jesus. Sin, which is the old-self, can be avoided only when it is taken as a corrupt desire that is deceitful. The new self in God that results to holiness and manifests in doing the right thing should be the passion of believers because of the new person in them.


Why do many Christians put on the new self and still delight in sin?


Father, I have realized that Christianity is a faith that is easier said than practised. Please help me to be deliberate in living out Christ in all I do today, Amen.