ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 13th February, 2022

TOPIC: MEETING SOMEONE LIKE THE SON OF MAN TEXT: REVELATION 1 : 10 - 15 The events of today's text occurred on a Sunday, like today - the Lord's Day. After starting the day of this special event, John the Apostle states the state of mind in which he was when the event occurred. He said that he was in the Spirit. It is significant that the events took place on the Lord's Day, but it is even more so that John, the recipient of the message, was in the Spirit. How often people make claims of receiving a revelation when in actual sense they are not under the guidance of God's Spirit! To further buttress the authenticity of the message/revelation, the Apostle John's most significant senses are engaged - hearing and seeing. He *hears* a loud voice like a trumpet. Then he is told to write what he *sees* . message he receives is to churches. Interestingly, he receives a message to churches on Sunday -the Lord's Day. The churches are seven. Seven is symbolic of completeness. This could mean that the message is complete and helpful to churches for all time. Jesus, the Son of Man, is seen in the middle or the entire event. We have attended many Sunday worship services as a formality, without thinking of the significance of the day. It is the Lord's Day; anything done should be for His glory. There have been Sundays also where we have claimed to assemble to worship Jesus Christ, without having Him in the center of everything! No wonder, we come back dry and sad. Make sure that you meet the Son of Man in your worship today.

QUESTION What attracts you most in your Sunday service? PRAYER Draw me to the center of worship, dear Lord. Draw me to Yourself, Amen.