ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 17th July, 2022


The scripture affirmed to us yesterday the centrality of Christ's resurrection which is very vital to our Christian faith. Apostle Paul goes further to affirm his belief in Christ as the "first fruit of those who had fallen asleep" and that the same God who raised Christ from the dead will in the end give life to those who belong to Him.

It was by man (Adam) that death came. It is also by Man (Jesus) that resurrection came (vs. 20-22). Paul was looking ahead to the future, to the time for which Christians were hoping (vs. 19). It is God's power that gives life to regenerated souls who will appear before Him to give account. This truth should guide our relationship with God and our fellow men.

Although we may not see the effects of this resurrection here and now, "it shall come at the end" (vs. 24). The end here means at Christ's coming when all evil powers, including evil rulers and the, led, would have been completely destroyed. He will then reign over all His enemies together with the saints (vs. 25-27).

The Apostle closed today's devotion as he opened the eyes of the Corinthian church to a common practice that showed they believed in 'resurrection' (vs. 29) without realising it. He asked about those who were 'baptizing the dead' with the hope that their dead would resurrect. Resurrection is central, if it's not true, then our faith falls. God forbid.

QUESTION How much time do you give to studying the Scripture so as to be more rooted in your beliefs?

PRAYER Give me grace, dear Lord, to study and show myself approved unto You as a believer who is not in doubt of my faith in Christ, in Jesus name, Amen.

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