ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 19th December, 2021

TOPIC: ZECHARIAH AND ELIZABETH WERE ON THE SAME PAGE. TEXT: LUKE 1 : 1 - 13 Zechariah and Elizabeth had been married for many years but were childless because Elizabeth was unable to conceive. And they were both very old like Abraham and Sarah. If you are reading this commentary and you are a parent, an expecting or potential parent, you need to learn the following from the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth: They had no child and all hope of getting one was lost but they did not allow this to stand between the two of them or between them and their God (Luke 1:7). Elizabeth was barren but Zechariah did not toy with the idea of adding another wife, as many men would have done. He knew that their marriage was for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. Although they were well advanced in age and their case was hopeless, they still trusted God to do for them what humans would ordinarily consider impossible. Their persistence in prayers showed that their faith in God was very strong (Luke 1:13).

QUESTION Mommy, daddy and children, are you on the same page as a family? Are some of you Winners, some ECWA, some Dunamis and others Redeemed? PRAYER

Dear God, please help our family to make a commitment this year to be on the same page, help us as colleagues in the office to be on the same page, in Jesus name, Amen.