ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 21st February, 2021


TEXT: PSALM 28:6-9

One of the most important weapons soldiers required in Biblical times was the shield made of metal or other material which was carried to battle for defence. So significant is the shield that many countries use it as part of their coat of arms. Nigeria is an example. The Psalmist in today's text pours Out his hear in thanksgiving for finding that the Lord S his strength, shield and fortress of salvation. In a time when battles were fought on foot or horseback, finding a fortress and shield in the Lord was very significant. For the believer, Christ is a shield; one who protects, defends and saves His people against danger and aggression. The world is not safe. Terrorism, attacks from bandits, attacks from herdsmen, attacks from unknown gunmen and so on are on the increase. The Church has become a target of these attacks and aggression, which continue unabated. Where do you find solace? Your solace is in Jesus, the shield. Go to church today and worship God without fear! Some have gone back to fetishism for defence. Don't join them! Jesus is your Shield and Defense!


Where is your defense-Christ or charms?


Dear Jesus, You are my Shield and Defense. Help me not to forget this fact, Amen.