ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 26th September 2021


TEXT: MATTHEW 13 : 36 - 43

God is concerned about the purity of the righteous as they confront the tribulations of this life.

The disciples were so confused about the parable of the weeds that they had to secretly ask Him its meaning Jesus explained to them that the good seeds represented the sons of the kingdom while the bad seeds were the sons of the evil, the enemy was the devil and the sower was God Himself.

At the end of time, the angels would be employed in the great ministry of separating the wheat from the weeds and burning the weeds while the wheat would be stored up in heaven. Therefore, Christians should live clean lives even as they struggle in the midst of a polluted world so that they will be celebrated when they finally arrive at the feet of their Master.


What has been your response to the constant harassment you face on this side of eternity?


Dear Loving Father, please help me to be conscious of Your calling upon my life as I live in the midst of the evil pervading this world, in Jesus name, Amen.

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