ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 28th November 2021

TOPIC: TERROR FOR THE SHEPHERDS TEXT: JEREMIAH 23:1-2 In Nigeria today, we see and talk a lot about the rising waves of insecurity, kidnapping and other vices. All of these are happening when we have leaders who are supposed to influence things positively. Leaders at all levels should know that they are stewards and need to influence their followers positively as leadership has to do with influence. Today’s text shows the negligence of the shepherds of God’s people whom He denounced for not showing commitment, care, and kindness to the people (vs. 1). They forgot that God owned the flock and not them. Instead of caring for the people, these leaders scattered them through violence and oppression. This is very unfortunate. Therefore, leaders should know that God is not happy when they abandon the people they are supposed to lead and will punish them for this (vs. 2).


As a leader, do you neglect the plight and needs of your subjects? PRAYER

Lord, forgive our leaders who have neglected their duties towards their subjects. Help our leaders to take care of their followers, not to scatter them, in Christ’s name, Amen.

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