ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 29th August 2021

TOPIC: THE KING SENDS OUT HARVESTERS TEXT: MATTHEW 10: 16 - 23 Today's TEXT is about the precautions the disciples are expected to take while on their assignments. The Lord knew well ahead that they would face trials in the process of winning souls for Him. They were advised to be wise as they were going to uncomfortable zones where they may face persecution even as harmless people. But because there is a promise that the Holy Spirit would intervene in their behalf (vs. 19, 20), they should trust the Lord to defend them. These injunctions are also relevant to the present Church as the ministry still has a lot of enemies in the form of the authorities, other religious groups or individuals. Christ didn't promise us that all would be well with us. Thus, we must be ready to suffer in the ministry for the benefit of the Kingdom.

QUESTION Are you ready to suffer for Christ? PRAYER Oh Lord, help me to ensure hardships for Your name's sake, in Jesus name, Amen.