ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 2nd August, 2020


TEXT: MARK 8:22-26

Health is one of the most essential needs of man. This is also reflected in Christ's ministry on earth. Though the Lord came purposely to save man from eternal death, He also had compassion for the physical needs of man. Thus, the blind man had to be brought by other people who assisted in begging Christ to heal him.

One may wonder why the first act of the Lord didn't give him complete healing like the blind man in John 9. This understanding belongs to the Lord alone.

God does His own things as He wishes. However, the response of the blind man after the first act of Christ is a great lesson for Bible readers. We should identify the area of our needs and speak out to the Lord, for our God is perfect, and therefore nothing is impossible with Him. Indeed, the man could see clearly. The Lord is to do a new thing for you. You should open up, don't hide your needs or shortcomings.

QUESTION: In what aspect are you still struggling? You need to keep trusting the Lord to heal you.

PRAYER: Lord, I need more natural and spiritual healings from You.