ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 2nd May, 2021


TEXT: ISAIAH 2 : 1 - 11

Today's text shows that Isaiah was privileged among the prophets of his time to be shown the future of Judah and Jerusalem. The Day of the Lord is a day of visitation to reward and judge nations.

In spite of the current rebellious state of the nation, a time shall come when the Lord will visit the land and restore her to her lofty position, vs 2-4. The mountain of the Lord in Zion shall be established which shall draw other nations unto her.

The various acts of rebellion of the people (like the Church today) made them fall prey to captor nations as they started worshiping idols, abandoning God's ordained Mt. Zion.

The consequences were very humiliating, but God's mercy sent the call, to come.

The world is drawn to Zion but God's people choose to conform to the world, what a disappointment to God!

The nations around believed that the gods of every land lived on the mountains and, therefore, equated them to the God on Mt. Zion.

When Christians fail to acknowledged their God, other shrines on strange mountains will attract them.

In the midst of plenty, they suffered want and became materialistic by worshiping things made with their own hands, leading to humiliation.


Is the Church of God, expecting the Day of the Lord, fulfilled her primary purpose in the world or has she compromised her position with the world?


Pray that believers in Christ will go back to the Cross and renew their commitment to serve Him faithfully.

Today @ 2pm