ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 3rd October 2021

TOPIC: IT PAYS TO BE FOCUSED TEXT: NEHEMIAH 6:1-19 One of the challenges of leadership is to be able to survive opposition. Leaders face different kinds of opposition, both within and without, depending on their levels of spirituality and integrity. No committed spiritual leader has sailed through leadership successfully without overcoming storms. In Nehemiah's time, he did not see why he should abandon God's assignment due to persistent human distractions. By being focused, Nehemiah asked the Lord to strengthen his courage in vs. 9. A priest saw the Lord's temple as a hidden place to draw Nehemiah's attention but to no avail. The work of raising the walls went on and ended successfully. Nehemiah's enemies were ashamed to the extent that they were gripped with fear. They knew that the work was successfully carried out mainly due to the hand of the Lord (vs. 16). In the journey of faith, there is bound to be opposition but once the Lord's hand is in it, as it was with Nehemiah, nothing will stop you from victory.


Who are the Tobiahses, Sanballats, Geshems and Shemaiahses in your spiritual journey? PRAYER

Father, rebuilding my spiritual walls has not been smooth due to lots of opposition. Please give me the courage of Nehemiah to resist them, in Jesus name, Amen.