ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 5th September 2021

TOPIC: GOD IS NEVER LATE TEXT: 2 KINGS 19:1-19 God specializes in solving the problems of His children at His own appointed time. He might allow the devil to persecute His children and then respond at His own appointed time. The Assyrian king did not want to humiliate only Hezekiah and his people but also the living God as he compared Him with the gods of other nations (2 Kings 19: 10-13). But Hezekiah took his case to God through his servant Isaiah the prophet who brought a great message from the Lord (vs. 6-8).

The God we serve is always willing and able to deliver us from all our predicaments when we present them to Him. Do not lose hope about what you see today because God is still able. Call upon Him and He will change your story.


How do you feel whenever you think that the challenges before you are too much for you to handle? PRAYER

Dear God, thank You for reminding me of Your power to change my situation. Help me to trust in You, no matter the challenges I am facing, in Jesus name, Amen.