ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Sunday 6th March, 2022

TOPIC: I WILL DRAW MEN TO MYSELF TEXT: JOHN 12 : 27 - 36 Jesus expressed the burden of taking the punishment of the entire world upon himself. He is about to be forsaken by His disciples and the Father (Mark 14:50; 15:34). It was to take our punishment that He came to this hour vs. 27. Jesus offered prayer that got an instant response in vs. 28. The purpose of putting on the human nature was to be fulfilled in vs. 31. Our bondage is already broken away through the fulfillment of vs. 32. Verses 33-34 is an expression of ignorance of the entire scripture on how the Messiah will reconcile the world back to God. The evidence of being drawn to God is the light we are experiencing in vs. 35. I am challenged to put my trust in this light while it is available vs. 36. What about you?

QUESTION How do you know that you have been drawn to Jesus? PRAYER Father, you are still in the habit of drawing people to yourself. Kindly draw more today to put their trust in You the light, Amen.

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