ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 10th March, 2022

TOPIC: A CALL TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER! TEXT: JOHN 13 : 21 - 38 The narrative began after Jesus had declared that one among the disciples would betray Him. At that point, the disciples assumed it is an issue that may happen by accident. However, Peter motioned to John (the one Jesus loved best) to asked Jesus of the betrayer. If they knew it was going to be immediate in vs. 27-28, perhaps they would have persuaded Judas to stop it. Judas' departure was assumed to be associated with some business he would do for Jesus (vs. 29-30). Noticed that it was after Judas had gone out that Jesus gave the rest of the disciples this important teaching that started in verse 31 to chapter 17 of John. After preparing His disciples about His departure in vs. 31-33, He proceeded to inform the disciple a new command to love one another. This is often called the third great commandment. The second great commandment is to love my neighbor as myself (Mark 12:31).

QUESTION How genuine is your love for your neighbor? PRAYER Father, it is clear that Judas did not have the privilege to attend this part of the class on love for others. Help me not to demonstrate practical love for my neighbors and others inclusively, Amen.

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