ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 12th May, 2022

TOPIC: CORNELIUS' ENCOUNTER WITH AN ANGEL TEXT: ACTS 10 : 1 - 16 Cornelius was a Roman soldier, a devout, Godfearing, generous, and prayerful man. He was told by an angel of the Lord that his prayers and gifts to the poor had been received by God as an offering. Ordinarily, no Jew would expect to see a Gentile receive any type of revelation from God but God had to allow that revelation to show His love for everyone He created. God specifically made Peter realize this by telling him not to call and regard anything He has made clean as unclean. Through the love of Christ, Cornelius became part and parcel of the Body of Christ because he loved the Lord.

QUESTION Do your activities please God? PRAYER May my ways be acceptable unto You, my Lord and my God, in Jesus name, Amen.