ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 14th October 2021

TOPIC: CLEANSING THE HEART TEXT: MATTHEW 15 :1-9 Coincidentally, Nigeria is still struggling to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus. Constant washing of hands with soap and running water is said to be one of the most efficient ways of limiting its spread. As in the case of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Pharisees and teachers of the Law were more concerned about physical cleansing. In as much as ceremonial washing of the physical body is okay, just imagine how greater we would be before God if we also kept our hearts clean. Jesus emphasizes cleansing the heart. Respect for parents is also linked to the heart. The manifestation of the heart affects the way you perceive your Creator and the kind of worship He accepts (vs. 8). Our devotion to God is superficial if we focus on impressing people rather than strengthening the heart with issues that matter most to God.


Do you lay emphasis on outside appearances or worshipping God from the heart? PRAYER

Holy Spirit, challenge me towards keeping my heart conducive for genuine worship, in Jesus name, Amen.