ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 15th April, 2021


TEXT: PSALM 119 : 161 - 176

Look at the comparison the Psalmist drew in verse 161. It was expected that when rulers persecuted him, he would tremble because his life was in danger.

On the contrary, he chose to tremble at the Word of God. Perhaps he understood the rulers' threats were temporary challenges of life but the Word of God is eternal. He understood that, despite the persecution, the Word of God would give him great peace and protect him from stumbling. Unfortunately, we live in a generation where the Word of God is compared to any other writing.

In fact, when the words of the Holy Bible are read and taught with the warning to repent and live a holy life, most members are not moved. Many people fear human beings rather than the Word of God. People have become so indifferent to the Word of God that evil and ungodliness rule their lives.


Why are so many people indifferent and unmoved by the warnings and counsel from the Word of God?


Have mercy and forgive me, dear Lord, because of my attitude to Your Word. Help me to approach Your Word with trembling, knowing that in it are the issues of life to which I must respond, in Jesus name, Amen.

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