ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 16th September 2021

TOPIC: PUTTING MERCY ABOVE SACRIFICE TEXT: MATTHEW 12:1-8 Sometimes the difficulties of this life hinder meaningful worship of God who has called His children to worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4). Today’s religious people appear to be towing the path of the Pharisees by condemning the things that God did not condemn in the name of preserving the traditions of the Church. They make laws and expect everyone to obey even when it is not necessary. The Pharisees accused Jesus and His disciples of breaking the Sabbath by reaping, threshing and winnowing on that day that should be kept sacred. To them, this was a sin that must be severely punished. On the other hand, Jesus drew their attention to two different cases where David ate the consecrated bread (1 Samuel 21:1-6) and the priests worked on the Sabbath (Numbers 28:9-10) and finally established that He is greater than the Sabbath. Jesus desires mercy over sacrifice and we must respond to the needs of people and never stand as judges over them.


How do you feel every time you think that someone is violating scriptural principles? PRAYER

Help me, dear Lord, to place mercy over justice in my dealings with people on this side of the divide, in Jesus name, Amen.