ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 24th March, 2022

TOPIC: IT IS FINISHED TEXT: JOHN 19:17-30 The topic today is the last words of Jesus. Note how soldiers dealt with Jesus as though He were a criminal. Note the carrying of His cross, the debate on the notice in Aramaic, Latin and Greek between Pilate and the Jews. Take note of what transpired after the crucifixion by the soldiers in vs. 23-24. At the completion of all things for the fulfillment of the scripture, Jesus indicated the need for a drink. Reader, praise the Lord for the last words: "It is finished." Jesus died ending with the shout of these words to indicate victory over what He came into this sinful world to accomplish. Is it not a usual way of describing death?

QUESTION What challenged you in today's passage? PRAYER

Father, thank you for taking all these steps for my salvation. Help me not to take your sacrificial death for granted, Amen.

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