ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 2nd September 2021

TOPIC: GOD DEMANDS TOTAL ALLEGIANCE TEXT: 2 KINGS 17: 24 - 34 Syncretism, that is combining the worship of the Almighty God and other gods, seems to be on the rise today. Some Christians go to Church on Sundays and perhaps other days of the week but also pay their allegiance to things other than God. Some of them could be rooting for the revival of cultures and other practices that do not honor the God we serve. Today's text introduces a people that was brought and settled in Samaria in place of the Israelites. But since they did not know God, they continued their pagan practices as against the worship of the true God. The king brought a priest to teach them the way of the Lord but they continued worshipping God and their gods. Therefore, God was not happy with them and He will not be happy with us whenever we have divided allegiances. We must set our hearts to worshipping the Almighty Lord and give Him all that is due to Him all the days of our lives.


Where do you place your allegiance - with God or things of this world? PRAYER

Dear Lord, please remove my interest from anything that stands against You and make me to be totally committed to You in all that I do, in Jesus name, Amen.