ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 3rd February, 2022

TOPIC: BEHOLDING THE LORD IN HIS SHEKINAH GLORY!! TEXT: 2 CHRONICLES 5 : 1 - 14 The Shekinah glory of the Lord is His visible manifestation among His people. We find Him manifesting Himself this way many times in the Old Testament - when He led the Israelites through the wilderness (Exo. 13: 21-22, 33: 9-10). We also see this manifestation in the New Testament during the transfiguration of Jesus (Matt. 19: 1-6). At every instance of the manifestation of the Lord's Shekinah glory, people are drawn to Him in awe. In today's text, we note that the consecration of the Lord's Temple and worshipthat ensued from there pleased Him so much that He appeared in His Shekinah glory amidst the people. The glory was heavily manifest that the temple ritual performed by priests was halted as the Lord took over. Sometimes we get so clogged in our routine rituals that God does not get access to our hearts. We get so busy with our religious traditions and formalities that we lose a personal and real touch of God. Where are you this Thursday? As you get set for the weekend, is it possible that you are already getting ready for another routine-filled Sunday? God needs you, not your religious routine.

QUESTION What is clouding you from beholding the Lord in the cloud of His glory? PRAYER Take away from me the veil of religious formalities, Father. I want to see You; I want to see Your glory, Amen.