ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 5th May, 2022

TOPIC: BE A REFLECTION OF CHRIST'S LIFE TEXT: EPHESIANS 4:17-24 It is becoming more and more difficult to identify a true Christian. The lifestyle of some of those who claim to be born again are the same with those of the people of the world. They dress seductively and irresponsibly, watch immoral films, partake in corrupt practices, etc. If we have declared for Christ, then our lifestyle must show that we truly belong to Him. Beloved, you cannot say that you are for Christ and still allow your old sinful nature rule your life. The kind of friends you keep, your attitude, what you love to do and where you love to go will definitely show who you are.

QUESTION Is the light of Christ shining in you? PRAYER Dear Father, let your light shine in my life and let my lifestyle bring honour to You, Amen.