ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Thursday 8th October, 2020


TEXT: EPHESIANS 3: 14 – 21

Paul knelt down to pray for the church of Ephesus; a culture that we all need to imbibe. This is because it is in God the Father that the entire universe derives its name. Like Paul, our prayer today should be for the Holy Spirit to strengthen our inner being (v16). When the inner person is strengthened, Christ will dwell in the heart by faith.

The dwelling of Christ in the heart develops spiritual roots that establish love for others in a world in which wickedness is on the increase (Matt. 24:12).

Our rootedness in love gives us the ability to comprehend the width, length and depth of the love of Christ. This love surpasses that which comes through cognitive ability. It is the love with which God fills the heart of man Himself. For Jesus is able to do all beyond human abilities.


What do you lack in your inner person that is spiritually unproductive?


Father, thank You for revealing to me why I find it difficult to love others. Please root me in love so as to love others today, Amen.

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