ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 10th May, 2022

PLAY YOUR PART TEXT: EPHESIANS 6 : 1 - 9 In this passage, Paul is addressing children and parents, slaves and master. Children are expected to honor their parents so that things will go well with them while fathers should train their children in the way of the Lord and not mistreat them. Servants should obey their earthly masters, respect and serve them with all sincerity and work with them as though they were working for the Lord because He will reward them accordingly. Masters are also expected to treat their slaves with the fear of the Lord and not threaten them because they have the same Master in heaven. How great will it be if we all play our role as directed in the scripture?

QUESTION As a child, parents, servant or master, are you ready to play your role to make others happy and fulfilled? PRAYER Dear Lord, please help me to fulfill my role and make others happy, Amen.

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