ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 15th February, 2022

TOPIC: THE LORD IS NEAR TEXT: PHILIPPIANS 4:1-9 By March, many farmers will begin to clear their farms in readiness for the farming season. Many of them would have procured their fertilizers or would be planning to do so. A good farmer does not wait until the rain come to decide what crop he will grow and where he will farm. These are decided quite in advance. So also should believers prepare for the coming of the Lord. The Apostle Paul exhorts us today on how to do that. He asks believers to stand firm in the Lord. He pleads with believers to agree with each other in the Lord. He encourages believers to help each other in the Body of Christ. He calls on believers to always rejoice in the Lord and not to be anxious about anything. And then he lists some things that believers should be thinking about. All of these things should be done for the reason of the Lord's coming, which is near as stated in vs. 5. While the Lord's coming is entirely on His own terms and prerogative, believers should not just wait passively. They should be getting ready. Believers should please the Lord through maintaining daily communion with Him when they are conscious of how near His coming is. It is appalling that a significant event such as this receives no attention or thought. We just seem to live to eat today and tomorrow we die. How sad. Awaken your consciousness to the reality of the Lord's imminent return and continue to live in that belief.

QUESTION Deep down within you, do you believe that the Lord will soon return? PRAYER You are coming soon! Help me, Jesus, to live in that reality, Amen.