ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 17th May, 2022

TOPIC: GOD CAN MAKE A WAY FOR YOU TEXT: ACTS 12 : 1 - 11 We live in an era where persecution is on the rise. Churches are being burned, Christians are killed and denied their rights. Peter was to be tried by King Herod Agrippa and killed but the Church prayed earnestly for him. With all the soldiers guarding Peter, there was no way for anyone to rescue him. But as the brethren were praying for him, an angel of the Lord broke chains and took him through all the well fortified gates to safety. God has the power to make a way for us even when we are in a hopeless situation. If the Church would pray, God has the power to save. Stop worrying, rise up and pray, God is ready to make a way for you!

QUESTION Do you know that God can make a way for you and others when you pray? PRAYER Lord, as we pray, please make a way for you children who are facing one problem or the other, in Jesus name, Amen.

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