ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 1st March, 2022

TOPIC: IF YOU HAVE BEEN HERE..... TEXT: JOHN 11 : 17 - 37 The common belief among the Jews concerning the dead is that the soul remained near the body for three days after one is gone. It does that hoping for an opportunity to return. In the case of Lazarus, he was already gone for four days before the coming of Jesus. Martha in vs. 20-21 mentioned the same words with Mary in verse 32. It is clear that they waited for the arrival of Jesus earlier than His arrival. Days are tough that often times we work on wishes rather than the assurance that even now God has solutions to our situations vs. 22. All we need in tough moments is the faith to belief in God. Jesus who has authority over life, is able to change our circumstances by faith.

QUESTION What ministration did you get from today's passage about your fears and doubts? PRAYER Lord, knowing that You are the resurrection and the life, this gives me the courage to face the challenges of today. I am grateful that you are not far from me, Amen.

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