ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 22nd February, 2022

TOPIC: THE REWARD OF THE FAITHFUL TEXT: MATTHEW 25:14-32 Matthew 24 records a series of end time events and warnings. Towards the end, it challenges believers to be faithful and watchful as they expect the return of the Lord. Interestingly, Matthew 25 continues with the same call to believers. In the Parable of the Talents, which is recorded in our text for today, we notice how faithful service is rewarded.The master, who is a picture of the Lord Jesus, goes on a journey entrusting responsibilities to his servants. A few things to note are that the master does not tell when he is returning. He assigns them responsibility based on each person's ability. On his return, he demands accountability upon which he gives rewards based on faithfulness and prudence. When Jesus returns He will demand accountability. He will reward His servants in accordance with their faithfulness and prudence regarding what they have each been assigned. Unfortunately, many people, believers inclusive, do not like being accountable. They want to be trusted with responsibility but do not want to be asked to account. This is common among political office holders, church leaders, even in the home.


Can you account for your expected reward? PRAYER

Lord, teach me the secret of accountability. Help me to be a faithful servant, Amen.