ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 24th August 2021

TOPIC: THE KING HAS THE POWER TO DECIDE TEXT: MATTHEW 9: 9 - 19 In today's passage, Christ is under fire from Jewish religious leaders about His relationship with sinners and because His disciples did not partake in fasting. But the Lord's response to their grievances showed that He has the power to decide about eating with sinners in Matthew's house (vs. 9-13) where many other tax collectors were gathered to celebrate with him, Matthew. That was an opportunity for Christ to get sinners into God's kingdom but the Jewish religious leaders considered it a gathering of sinners which Christ shouldn't have attended. On the issue of fasting (vs. 14-17), He did not consider that an appropriate time. They would only fast after He had left because they should be celebrating with the King rather than fasting. This means that believers should follow Christ's footsteps by reaching out to sinners rather than remain within Church walls celebrating their salvation. And fasting should not be a public and ceremonial affair but a solemn time to closely relate with God.


How do you observe your fasting? PRAYER

Oh Lord, help me to love the unsaved and cease from making fasting a matter of public display, in Jesus name, Amen.