ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 25th August, 2020


TEXT: JONAH 4:1-11

Man's justice is selfish and biased, in contrast with divine justice. Man takes decisions the way it pleases him and in favor of those close to him. Thus man has the tendency to seek to manipulate God to act on his favor. And when such selfish desire fails, he feels disappointed and unfavoured. But our God is a just God who displays and gives justice to all.

Jonah chapter four displays or reveals human weakness and selfishness in contrast to God's justice. Jonah, being a Jew, wouldn't like the people and the city of Nineveh to be pardoned, since they were enemies of his people, Israel. His desire was to see the destruction of the city and its people (vs. 1-3). So he was displeased by God's nature of justice toward the city of Nineveh and its inhabitants. Though Jonah's reaction displeased God, He was still just to Jonah. He taught Jonah a lesson through the use of a plant. The plant was quite insignificant in comparison to human beings, but Jonah was annoyed and had pity on it more than the people of Nineveh. However, He demonstrated His justice by the way He handled Jonah.

Humanly speaking, Jonah should have been killed instantly. But God disciplined and corrected him through a hard lesson. Thus our God remains a just God forever. Therefore, we should learn from God's nature of justice rather than seek to bring God down to our own understanding of justice.

We need to pray always and ask Him to enable us to understand and accept His will and the nature of His justice (Deut. 32:4, Isaiah 52:8). We must learn to seek and follow God's way.


What is your standard of Justice?


Lord, help me to always seek and follow Your standard of justice, no matter how painful it is, in Jesus name, Amen.

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