ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 26th October 2021

TOPIC: GENUINE RECONCILIATION TEXT: MATTHEW 18:15-20 Most believers love the Lord and desire to obey His Word. However, the issue of reconciliation among Christians, including spiritual leaders, is still a great challenge. The situation is so bad that you even find a pastor swearing to his fellow pastor: "I will never forgive you until we stand before God in heaven!" In today's reading, Jesus does not promise that we will always be in perfect harmony with our fellow brethren. This is because of the Adamic nature in man. However, each time a believer errs, he who feels Offended should strive towards reconciling with the offender (vs. 15). When the two cannot agree, the aggrieved person can go to one or two other brethren to serve as intermediaries in the reconciliation (vs. 16). The Church can only step in when the situation persists (vs. 17). It should be noted that, in all of these processes, there is no mention of seeking a solution through the court of law. The Church is the highest arbiter in any dispute between brethren.

QUESTION Do you settle disputes between you and fellow believers in a court of law? PRAYER Oh Lord, forgive me for messing up my relationship with You by not following the Biblical ways of settling my misunderstandings with other brethren, in Jesus name, Amen.