ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 27th October, 2020


TEXT: ISAIAH 19: 1 – 15

God will visit Egypt and her idols will tremble (Exod. 12:12). There will be so much confusion that Egypt will lose heart and begin to consult her idols, vs 2-3. God will hand over Egypt to be ruled by a fierce king, v4. The results of their waywardness will show on the Nile River, the fishermen and even the officials (vs 4-13). Egypt will be brought to nought, vs 14-15. As it was with the Egyptians, the Lord will not spare Nigeria. We are already experiencing confusion. Most of our politicians are consulting idols for solutions to their problems. Our nation is already in the hands of cruel masters (herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists). We are gradually getting to be nothing in the eyes of the world.


How do we resemble Egypt in today's passage?


Father, we are already far away from You. Please forgive us and restore Your mercy on us and our land, Amen.

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