ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 2nd August, 2022


TEXT: 2 KINGS 6 : 24 - 33

Yesterday, we saw Elisha's prayers answered and, in response, he demanded that grace and mercy be shown to the enemies of the Northern Kingdom. Today's text reveals that your enemy may never understand the implications of the grace and mercy you show him. The same Aramean soldiers returned and applied the strategy of weakening Samaria by laying a siege around them and blocking all food and water supplies.

Soon, the internal supplies finished and nobody could dare go out. This resulted in a severe famine which led the Samaritans into eating their children to survive.

The king, rather than remember the miracle of God which had earlier delivered them from these same enemies, chose to focus on the difficulty at hand and so missed out on what God was about to do. He saw Elisha as his enemy and therefore the nation's problem that must be dealt with.

When you remove your focus from God and fix it on the problem, you will miss out on what God is doing or about to do in your life.


Do you know that God's perspective regarding your circumstances is to glorify Him alone?