ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Tuesday 6th October, 2020


TEXT: EPHESIANS 2: 11 – 22

We were at some point in life named Gentiles and uncircumcised by the Jews because of their physical circumcision. But in Christ, what matters is the spiritual circumcision (spiritual rebirth). Without this circumcision, we are separated from Christ and from the family of the Jews. In fact, as far as matters of eternity are concerned, we are foreigners without God. (verses 11-12). In Christ Jesus, my Gentile affiliation has been dealt with. Christ has now become my peace, having worked on the hostile boundaries that existed before through His own body on the cross. Jesus did that to create a one unified man through the cross to put that hostility to rest.

In Christ, both the Gentile and the Jew have access to God through One Spirit. I am no longer considered a foreigner and an alien to my Creator but a citizen and a colleague with God's family. The foundation of this house was laid by the apostles and prophets while Christ is the cornerstone that holds the structure together. It is in this structure that I find my dwelling in God, through the Holy Spirit.


How can your unity in Christ with the Jews help you sit up in matters of salvation today?


Father, forgive me for always taking my walk with You for granted. Kindly remind me that my salvation in You is purely an act of mercy, not a right, Amen.


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