ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 17th November 2021

TOPIC: GOD, THE WALL OF FIRE TEXT: ZECHARIAH 2:5 In ancient times, great nations were known for the security offered by their fortified walls. Also, any city that had no walls was seen as being weak and a disgrace to its people (Nehemiah1:3).

In today's text, God is seen as the 'wall of fire' by only those who trust in Him Verse one of our text shows Zechariah's vision about a man with a measuring line. Verse two gives the measurement of Jerusalem while verse three tells about the first angel leaving and the coming of the second one with a message. In verse four, the angel tells Zechariah to "make haste" as Jerusalem had no walls while its population was growing. The assurance of God's divine presence is given in verse five thus: "He will be a Wall of Fire and will be its glory." This text gives us the assurance of God's divine presence, protection and guidance because only in Him can we find security.


Do you know that God will be a wall of fire roundabout you if you trust Him? PRAYER

Lord, Jesus Christ, help me to trust You and to know that You will always be a wall of fire around me so that no evil will befall me, Amen.