ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 18th August 2021

TOPIC: CHRIST, THE SOLID FOUNDATION TEXT: MATTHEW 7: 21 - 27 In today's devotion, the King encourages us to stand firm on our solid foundation - the Lord Jesus Himself. He admonishes us that empty lip service confessing the Lord cannot save one. Someone may claim to know the Lord and render a lot of services to Him but may not know Him as Lord and Saviour. Indeed, such Christian life is built on a faulty foundation as noted in verses 24-27. Two people built houses but only the one built in the rock stood because it was solid. The one built on the sand collapsed. Believers must put their faith in Christ for He is our rock. Only such a solid foundation can stand the test of temptations and trials (John 10:27-30). Faith in the Lord comes before one's ministry and ministry without Christ is a waste that will surely end in vain.


Are you on the right way or are you being misled? PRAYER

Our dear Lord, always lead us on the right way, in Jesus name, Amen.

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