ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 19th May, 2021

TOPIC: SOUND DOCTRINES BUILD SOUND CHRISTIANS TEXT: TITUS 3 : 1 - 15 In this same letter, Paul admonished Titus to always bear in mind all that he asked him to teach the church. It is not enough to know and teach sound doctrine. One must live by them as an example for the Church to see. Many may know how to teach but may not be living by the word. And that is against what one professes to be (vs. 1 - 6). Our conduct must reflect the fact that we are sound in doctrine and in faith (cf. 2Tim.2:21, 22). We must be careful not to speak evil of anyone because the weak in faith today may, through sound teachings, become strong tomorrow. We were once foolish, disobedient, deceitful and full of all sorts of weaknesses until the kindness and love of God appeared unto us (vs. 3, 4). Our conduct must demonstrate that we were once sinners saved by grace and not to become holier than others in speech and actions. It is only through consistently feeding on the Word of God that heresy can be easily detected in our society, for we know that heretics abound. Our attitude towards them should be admonition. But if they persist, they should be rejected (vs. 9).

QUESTION Are you convinced that you are growing under the current arrangement in your church? PRAYER Let my conduct be a testimony that I am feeding well under sound doctrines, dear Lord, Amen.

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