ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 1st December 2021

TOPIC: THE WORLD'S DARKEST MOMENT TEXT: REVELATION 6:1-17 Today's reading introduces us to the greatest tragedy in world history - the tribulation. John the beloved apostle watched with keen interest as the lamb, that is, Jesus, progressively opened the scroll's seven seals, initiating judgement on earth. The trigger of the tribulation is found in Daniel 9:27 when the Anti-Christ shall make a covenant with the nation of Israel for seven years. Even though he will break that covenant, his signing will trigger the prophetic clock of God and from that moment on only seven years of tragedy will be left for the unrapturable mankind on earth. Another sign indicating that this global event could soon take place was the formation of the state of Israel in 1948. It is with Israel that the Anti-Christ will make a covenant and will dominate the first half of the tribulation period.


If Christ appears today, will you be rapturable? PRAYER

Dear Lord, please give me spiritual sensitivity to understand the time in relation to Your prophetic clock, in Jesus name, Amen.

Happy new month