ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 20th October 2021

TOPIC: BEING A CHRISTIAN TEXT: MATTHEW 16: 24–28 Jesus ended up rebuking Peter when he thought that it was not appropriate for the Messiah to repeatedly mention that He must suffer to the point of death for the salvation of mankind in the preceding verses. It was against this background that Jesus informed His followers that every genuine believer must go through suffering. The concept of self-denial and carrying the cross shows a believer as someone who is already condemned and is carrying his own cross to the place of execution (John 19:17). Cross-bearing means that the heart is willing and open to suffering, even to the point of death for Christ. We are given the assurance of the Lord's second coming in glory to reward those who served Him wholeheartedly (vs. 27). The statement in verse 28 can be viewed from two dimensions: 1. It was a prediction of His transfiguration. 2. It was also a prediction of the return of the Son of Man and His reign over the Church (2 Peter 1:16).


What sacrifices are you making towards your future glory? PRAYER

Father, the task of following You is enormous. Help me not to be distracted by what the world is offering me which will last for just a while, in Jesus name, Amen.