ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 21st July, 2021


In Corinthian 13, Paul tells the Corinthian church that every other spiritual gift will certainly fade away, that is, it will only last for a while but love supersedes all because it will last forever. Love is greater than faith and hope because faith unites Christians personally to God, through God's love we are enabled to love one another. The grace of God is communicated to us through love and identifies us as children of the living God. And as children of God, we can use it to win souls for Christ and even conquer those who hate and despise us. Therefore, love must be used to bring life into the body of Christ, the Church.


Do you truly love your neighbor? PRAYER:

Please give me the grace, dear Lord, to love those who come my way to win them over to You, in Jesus' name, Amen.

The #COVID19 Delta variant spreads and kills faster. #TakeResponsibility for your health and those around you. ✅Wear a mask in public spaces as this prevents transmission of the virus. ✅Practice physical distancing and avoid physical contact with others outside your home. ✅Avoid unnecessary travel as the virus moves from place to place as people move ✅Avoid large gatherings, the virus spreads when people gather

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