ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 21st October, 2020


TEXT: ISAIAH 14:12 – 21

This passage is often seen as an account of the fall of Satan, especially where Jesus made reference to an event close to Himself in Luke 10:18. To others, it is a prophecy concerning the King of Babylon. But whichever way you choose to relate to the passage, one thing stands out in the use of 'I' in verses 13-14. Within these two verses, the word 'I' is repeatedly used five times. Beware of the temptation of putting self in place of your creator because it can push you to take the glory that belongs to the Lord. 'I' is a serious temptation which we all need to deal with. Verses 15-19 state the ominous outcome of self-gratification.


Why should you deal with the temptation of 'I' in your life?


Daddy, forgive me for taking the glory that is due You each time I think of myself higher than I ought to, Amen.

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