ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 22nd July, 2020


TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 11: 1 – 15

Anger is very often seen as a negative emotional outburst that everyone must avoid. However, it can be used to display intolerance for sin and maltreatment of others.

Saul used this powerful emotion to fight against the Ammonites who were terrorizing his people. His anger was directed at seeing how to deliver his people from humiliation, maltreatment, shame, and dehumanization. Saul depended on the Holy Spirit to help him overcome the marauders. The Holy Spirit used Saul's anger to bring justice and freedom.

When you are angry as a result of injustice or sin, ask the Lord to help you channel that anger in constructive ways to bring about positive change.

QUESTION: What do you say or do when you are angry?

PRAYER: Let me not get out of Your way Lord when I am angry; Amen.

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