ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 26th May, 2021

TOPIC: THANKING GOD FOR GRACE ON THE CHURCH TEXT: 1CORINTHIANS 1 : 1 - 9 It is advisable for a spiritual leader feel concern for the church he once led or has a stake in its establishment. He should always be ready to commend when she is doing well and correct her when things are going wrong. That is the example laid before us in today's reading. Paul was involved in planting of the church at Corinth, a great cosmopolitan Greek city. He heard about the problems the Christians were facing with their lives and their faith and, therefore, wrote to address them out of concern and sincerity. First, Paul acknowledged the grace in the church (vs. 1 - 3) and addressed her as "the church of God and sanctified in Christ." Without consideration for the negative things he heard about the Church, Paul gave thanks to God on their behalf (vs. 4 - 6). This is a worthy example for 'senior' believers in Christ to follow in handling the errors or shortcomings of members. Commendation before correction or rebuke as mandated in 2Timothy 4 : 2 and 3 so as to grow through sincere mentorship.


How do you handle problems about a church or a sincere believer who has fallen into sin?


Make me a loving and responsible leader over the church or believers under my influence, in Jesus name, Amen.

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