ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 2nd June, 2021

TOPIC: STOP DECEIVING YOURSELF TEXT: 1 CORINTHIANS 3 : 18 - 23; 4 : 1 - 5 Paul clearly said that the wisdom of this world is nothing but foolishness to God. You may think that you are very clever and have the strategies to accomplish your purpose, but it is the Lord Himself who examines the heart of man. He will bring our darkest secrets to light and reveal our private motives. If you are faithful to God, you can depend on Him for direction and would not see yourself as having attained greatness through your personal efforts. So, do not boast because the wisdom of those who think they are wise is worthless.


Are you a deceiver? PRAYER

Heavenly Father, please remove me from the list of those who think they are wise and make me trust in Your wisdom, in Jesus name, Amen.

Today @ 5pm