ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 30th December, 2020


TEXT: PSALM 107:1-9

There's a call in our passage today to the people of Israel for a special thanksgiving unto God in view of the experiences they had gone through. The reasons include God's goodness and love that endure forever for them. They were redeemed from the hands of their foe, gathered from all the land into which they were taken captives and wandered in desert wastelands without a place of settlement. They were delivered from hunger and thirst in drylands, where they almost lost hope of survival. But when they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, He delivered them from their distress, (vs. 2-7). We have all experienced situations in life that made us feel like being lost in the desert of life; dying of some sickness or facing storms of sea. But in such situations, as one prays and God steps in miraculously, thanksgiving becomes spontaneous. It takes someone who narrowly escaped death to understand the need for special thanksgiving service unto God.

Beneficiaries of God's goodness and love should sing and dance unto God without musical instruments. Songs of praise and thanksgiving come naturally. You will have reasons to specially give thanks to God as the year ends tomorrow.


How often do we praise and give thanks unto God for His goodness and love?


Put songs of praise and thanksgiving in my mouth for You, dear Lord, Amen.


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