ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 30th March, 2022

TOPIC: HIS TESTIMONY IS TRUE TEXT: JOHN 21:15-25 Usually it is a witness that testifies to the truth spoken by a speaker. In today's passage, Jesus took time to prepare Peter to sit up in his responsibilities of fishing souls of men instead of catching fish. The encouragement touched his death as well. No wonder, history said Peter ended up dying like his master; a crucified death but with his head down and legs up. Peter turned and was concern about John in their dialogue but Jesus was particular about Peter. Verses 24, 25 clearly state that this John that witnessed the conversation between Jesus and Peter was the one who wrote what he saw as a testimony. Eye witnesses further confirmed that what John wrote was true. Believers, we are privileged to have the best partial but all we need to know concerning an account of our faith in Christ.

QUESTION Looking at the testimony of the gospel, what should that inform you about your faith in Christ? PRAYER Father, thank You for revealing all that I need for my salvation. Give me a believing heart in You all the time, Amen.

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