ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 31st August, 2022


TEXT: JOHN 4 : 16 - 26

Jesus sent His disciples to go into the Samaritan community to buy some food for their lunch. Note that He deliberately sent all of them away because He was looking forward to engaging the Samaritan woman on a conversion. If the disciples were present at the start of this very important and significant conversation, they might have hindered or at best slowed it down. It might also be His own way of not offending them in view of their cultural bias.

The Samaritan woman asked the all-important question about both their long-standing separation through cultural and religious bias and who is able to offer worship acceptable to God and what location has to do with it. Jesus response was a complete revolution and shift from the status quo: God is Spirit and present everywhere at the same time. Therefore, true worship can reach Him when presented in His Spirit and in His truth!

This underscores the fact that true worship comes from the heart, irrespective of location, personality and status.


Have you experienced the true worship that is done in the Spirit and truth?


Thank You, dear Lord, for giving me the privilege to worship my God in Christ Jesus through the truth of the Word of God, Amen.

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