ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 5th May, 2021

TOPIC: WHOM DO YOU TRUST IN TIMES OF TROUBLE? TEXT: ISAIAH 7 : 1-9 Most times, when a believer's life is threatened or overwhelmed by a dangerous conspiracy, he seems to forget the power and promises of God as contained in vs. 1 and 2. Ahaz the King of Judah was threatened by neighbours and foreign nations that he "and his people were shaken as the trees of the forest." Believers in God must learn to trust Him in all situations by going to Him in prayer rather than panicking as Ahaz and his people did. God remembered his covenant with David and the land of Judah and commanded Isaiah to go and reassure the king about His involvement in the matter. When we have the assurance of God's word in our lives, we can face any threat from our enemies. However, God never forces anyone to trust Him but calls on us to willingly place confidence in His promises.


Do you trust God enough to wait patiently for His intervention in your troubled state as you journey through this world of fear? PRAYER

When I am troubled and tempted to look elsewhere for safety, let the Holy Spirit speak courage into my heart, dear Lord, Amen.

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