ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Wednesday 8th June, 2022

TOPIC: G O D O F V A R I E T Y TEXT: PSALM 104 : 24 - 35 Have you ever taken a look at people, especially twins that are identical? You may discover that, although they may look alike, they are never the same. Our God is the God of variety. The earth is full of His creatures, the ocean which is vast and wide is teeming with various creatures and on it ships sail. He is the source of the divine supply of all the needs of every living thing He has created. He holds our breath in His hands and has the ability to take it away. The earth trembles at His glance and the mountains smoke at His touch. This God is the only one that must be praised and worshipped.

QUESTION Have you ever met this God? PRAYER Help me, Oh Lord, to see more of You and to give You the honor and worship You deserve, in Jesus name, Amen.